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Consol Solar Jars Manufactured

Proud manufacturers of the
Consol Solar Jar™


Suntoy combines the potential of solar technology with renewable and sustainable energy solutions. From design to manufacture of the Consol Solar Jar , we are proudly South African. Consult: Envision an eco-friendly solar product. Our team will explore possibilities and provide turnkey solar solutions. Design: Transform sketches into technical drawings. We source the parts, procured locally or imported. Prototypes are tested and tweaked in pre-production runs. Manufacture: Suntoy has an electronic manufacturing factory in Village Deep, Johannesburg, South Africa. Intent: Suntoy promises to give our planet a brighter future by making every hour a solar-power-hour. 

Meet the Team

Harald Schulz  |  Suntoy Technical and Managing Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Harald has thirty years experience in electronic and hydraulic engineering. He began Suntoy four years ago and has grown it into a successful SMME. Harald is a founding member of Young SESSA. Affectionately known as "Mr Sunshine", he is passionate about renewable energy and designed the Consol Solar Jar.  

Yvonne Cossa  |  Suntoy Factory Chief Supervisor
Yvonne, one of the first Suntoy factory employees, joined the team as a product assembler while learning the basics of Photovoltaic applications. Her drive, determination and tenacity shone and she has progressed to be promoted to Chief Supervisor.

Angelique Verburg  l  Suntoy Bookkeeper and Administrative Manager
Angelique is the Suntoy bookkeeper and administrative manager. She provides operations support to our entire team and manages the office environment.

Florinah Mauya  l  Suntoy Sales and Production Coordinator
Florinah joined Suntoy as a product assembler and was promoted to factory supervisor. She is now the sales and production coordinator.


Adam Viles  |  Suntoy Brand Manager
Adam is responsible for building and maintaining the Suntoy strategic marketing presence on and offline. He is chaperone to the Suntoy brand identity, is a digital strategist and has worked in the digital media industry.


Suntoy Factory  |  Supervisors and Assemblers
There are seven supervisors, two pic-and-place machine operators and 43 product assemblers in the Suntoy Factory. The team manages production runs, controls quality and meets orders on time.