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The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Solar Products

Posted by on in Solar Energy
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Innovation in Solar energy are the hottest buzz words at the top of minds in most businesses today.

The global population is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of producing and utilizing effective eco-friendly energy in a manner that conserves and protects nature and our environment in general.

In celebration of all the efforts being made by many around the globe to invent innovative and exciting new Solar powered products, Suntoy have identified 10 Solar products we found to be robust, user friendly and fit for purpose and bring these to the awareness of all our supporters, customers and the solar enthusiasts around the world, in the hopes that these new innovations inspire all to make use of, improve and promote eco-friendly lifestyles:

Finally technology has caught up with aesthetics and consumer demand.


Portable Solar kitchen
It is a portable kitchen that lets you boil, bake and fry.  Read more here...


Simple Solar Shingles
The shingles are installed over new or existing roof sheathing. Although one shingle only generates enough power to run a fan, an entire roof's worth of shingles can turbocharge an entire home.  Read more here...


SODIS Water Filters
The water bottle's design was inspired by needs of developing countries, specifically with the intention of killing harmful microorganism that contaminate the water.  Read more here...


Solar Powered Window Socket
A portable device intended to enable you to use electricity freely and conveniently in a space restricted in the use of electricity, such as a plane, a car, and outdoors.  Read more here...


Eliodomestico Solar Terracotta Water Filters
Diamanti’s solar powered water filter is designed to provide drinking water for families in developing countries. Read more here...


Solar Jar
The Consol Solar Jar™ is an eco-friendly solar light that literally provides bottled sunshine. The solar-powered lid collects sunshine during the day. At night, it powers 4 built-in LEDs inside the glass jar.  Read more here...


Solar Roads
The first solar roadway opened in Amsterdam. A 70-meter stretch of cycle path between two suburbs of the city that generates solar power from rugged, textured glass-covered photovoltaic cells. Read more here...


Solar powered billboards
The EnviroLight Series is designed to light up your billboard and sign, no matter if it is for residential or commercial use.  Read more here...


Solar bicycles
This hybrid bike can be charged via electricity and the sun and energy. It works in 3 modes being muscle power, Semi- electric and electricity which helps the user to ride easier and faster. Read more here...


Solar power stations in space
Japan is planning to build a solar power station in space within the next 30 years. It is expected to cost $21 billion. How will they do it?  Read more here...