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Recent blog posts

To commemorate the 300th anniversary of renowned British Landscape Architect; Lancelot “Capability” Brown, who shaped our vision of the picture-perfect English countryside, Compton Verney Art Gallery and Park will be hosting a light art commission using 1000 Consol Solar Jars™ as one of its key set pieces.


Compton Verney Park is a place steeped in rich architectural history, its current state being the result of an 11-year restoration project that will see this magnificent building returned to its 1768 splendour and glory that was designed by one of the most important Landscape Architects of the 18th century, Lancelot “Capability” Brown himself.

Visual artist Laurent from Creatmosphere, a cross-genre studio specialising in the interplay of light as art between architecture and space, has been commissioned to create a light spectacular as has never been seen before using our Consol Solar Jars ™. Applying stunning, ground-breaking technologically, this new interactive light commission entitled “IN LIGHT: Illuminating Capability Brown’s Landscape”, launches on the 29 October and runs until the 13 November.


Compton Verney’s 18th century mansion, ‘Capability’ Brown Chapel and Bridge will be lit in vibrant ways for people to appreciate and play with. There is an interactive element that gives visitors the opportunity to take over the light controls and light up various parts of the house and trees in exciting ways. This is the first time globally, that wireless DMX technology has been used to activate so many solar powered lanterns in an art exhibition of this magnitude.  The technological challenge was made easier in collaboration with UJ (University of Johannesburg) and their research facility RC (Resolution circle).

By using 1000 Consol Solar Jars™; a product proudly conceptualised and manufactured by Suntoy in South Africa, Laurent will be filling an entire field with pinpoints of light to map the rich and diverse history of green spaces in a creative and captivating way.  Three centuries later, Lancelot “Capability” Brown’s work is still celebrated and lives on.


We here at Suntoy, together with our European distributors Sonnenglas, are enormously proud to have our Consol Solar Jar™ play an integral and creative part in this initiative.  Seeing it being used in this way and not just as originally intended (as a reading light and portable solar lantern), demonstrates its potential as a fun, eco-friendly and sustainable alternative light supply that makes it easy to go green. It truly is bottled sunshine!

Event details can be found here:

Harald Schulz
Managing Director
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
South Africa
Ph: +27 87 754 4060

Adam Viles
Suntoy Brand Manager
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
South Africa
Ph: +27 73 406 1803


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Born on the island of Mauritius, Corine Park Mazurier has lived half her life on the Greek islands and the other half in the Caribbean (on a yacht) and has now become the official distributor of the Consol Solar Jar™ in the Caribbean.

Corine came across the Consol Solar Jar™ on the tiny island of Rodrigues, at the Bakwa lodge where she sought to investigate and was amazed by what she was looking at.  “How simple - yet versatile, how functional – yet creative.  I was hooked. I purchased one from the lodge and my enthusiasm rubbed off on the other guests who also proceeded to purchase jars.”

Corine is sharing her enthusiasm for the Consol Solar Jar™ in the Caribbean as it completely fits her criteria for what she considers to be an inspiring product.  According to Corine, the Caribbean group of islands all have one thing in common - hurricanes, with most islands often experiencing electrical outages due to weather and this is where the Consol Solar Jar™ comes in very handy.


Corine feels it is important to understand and convey that the Consol Solar Jar™ is “proudly hand made in South Africa” and not “made in China”.

The Consol Solar Jar™ requires loving care and attention says Corine.  Not because it is delicate but because it is important to place it in the sunlight daily to recharge. The Jar needs to play a role in the space it’s in and hence be part of the design (interior or exterior).  “It also requires “props” or accessories which I believe need to be developed or suggested, to shoulder the jar and to make its utility more accessible.”

The Caribbean is one of the finest sailing grounds in the world, where the Consol Solar Jar™ is finding its bearings.  In this context its use is both decorative and functional.  There are an endless number of year round sailors in the Caribbean, from mega yachts (decorative) to small live aboard sailors (functional) who find use in both the utility and the beauty of the jar.

The tourism industry – from cruise ship passengers to yacht charters for day visitors, hotel and villa guests enjoy our personalised jar as it appeals to our clients as a souvenir with the dual purpose of being useful at home.

Welcome to the Suntoy Team Corine.

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Innovation in Solar energy are the hottest buzz words at the top of minds in most businesses today.

The global population is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of producing and utilizing effective eco-friendly energy in a manner that conserves and protects nature and our environment in general.

In celebration of all the efforts being made by many around the globe to invent innovative and exciting new Solar powered products, Suntoy have identified 10 Solar products we found to be robust, user friendly and fit for purpose and bring these to the awareness of all our supporters, customers and the solar enthusiasts around the world, in the hopes that these new innovations inspire all to make use of, improve and promote eco-friendly lifestyles:

Finally technology has caught up with aesthetics and consumer demand.


Portable Solar kitchen
It is a portable kitchen that lets you boil, bake and fry.  Read more here...


Simple Solar Shingles
The shingles are installed over new or existing roof sheathing. Although one shingle only generates enough power to run a fan, an entire roof's worth of shingles can turbocharge an entire home.  Read more here...


SODIS Water Filters
The water bottle's design was inspired by needs of developing countries, specifically with the intention of killing harmful microorganism that contaminate the water.  Read more here...


Solar Powered Window Socket
A portable device intended to enable you to use electricity freely and conveniently in a space restricted in the use of electricity, such as a plane, a car, and outdoors.  Read more here...


Eliodomestico Solar Terracotta Water Filters
Diamanti’s solar powered water filter is designed to provide drinking water for families in developing countries. Read more here...


Solar Jar
The Consol Solar Jar™ is an eco-friendly solar light that literally provides bottled sunshine. The solar-powered lid collects sunshine during the day. At night, it powers 4 built-in LEDs inside the glass jar.  Read more here...


Solar Roads
The first solar roadway opened in Amsterdam. A 70-meter stretch of cycle path between two suburbs of the city that generates solar power from rugged, textured glass-covered photovoltaic cells. Read more here...


Solar powered billboards
The EnviroLight Series is designed to light up your billboard and sign, no matter if it is for residential or commercial use.  Read more here...


Solar bicycles
This hybrid bike can be charged via electricity and the sun and energy. It works in 3 modes being muscle power, Semi- electric and electricity which helps the user to ride easier and faster. Read more here...


Solar power stations in space
Japan is planning to build a solar power station in space within the next 30 years. It is expected to cost $21 billion. How will they do it?  Read more here...



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For every hour of direct sunlight, the Consol Solar Jar™ emanates an hour of pure shining light for your convenience.  Overcast and cloudy days however, are not considered as direct Sunlight and can therefore not be relied on to ensure Solar energy transfer takes place.

To educate our customers we have provided the below basic diagram of how Solar energy is produced and how it flows into a Solar powered product.


Solar Radiation Map
If you own or are planning on purchasing a Consol Solar Jar™ we encourage you to view our Solar Radiation map to discover how much solar energy is radiated from the Sun in your Country.

Click on the image below to view.

Happy learning!
Compliments of the Suntoy Team.

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It was non-stop adventure in the wild of the South African Pilanesberg for some of our Suntoy team members including Distributors Heiner Klaus from Europe, Nick Wiehe and Jean-Philippe Pierre from Mauritius, joined by Suntoy’s CEO Harald Schulz, brand Manager Adam Viles and production manager Rolf Willenbrock who descended on The Ivory Tree Lodge  for some fun in the sun from 26 – 28 Feb. 2016.


Being from the warm shores of Mauritius, Jean-Philippe did not take too kindly to the fresh crispy morning air as we embarked on our first game-drive.  In no time at all, Jean-Philippe was wrapped tightly in a thermal blanket, lying low to avoid the wind?  Sorry Jean-Philippe, us native South African’s could not help finding this amusing in the middle of one of our warmest months of the year. :-)


We witnessed the most spectacular sunrise and close-up sightings of some of the big five including Elephant, Rhino, Lion and Giraffe to name but a few….


We came across an Elephant in Musth who decided to give charge towards us at a point during the drive when we had stopped to observe the majestic animal…. Never had we experienced a Jeep in high-speed reverse as we did in that moment, and not a moment too soon either…. pretty adrenalin pumping stuff.

It did not end there, as the great African sun, set behind the hills in the west, it coloured the skies with breathtaking shades and shapes, giving birth to the night skies and our next adventure which was an evening game drive that delivered the opportunity for us to view - the all African night owl - amongst other – foxy - animals who prefer to remain unseen or heard.  A whole new kind of excitement…

No sooner had we returned from our evening game drive, the African Gods decided it would be a good time to bestow upon us, their most thunderous hurricane-like storm sending us all rushing inside for shelter…. It was this ominous event of nature that rewarded us with an unexpected gift and opportunity to mingle with other lodgers, and in so doing, displaying our Consol Solar Jar™ on some of the tables in the dining area; leading to much interest shown by locals and international visitors. O what a night….


This unforgettable environment awarded us all with the time needed, to put our heads together and discuss relevant topics such as future branding strategies, global marketing, reseller and distributor challenges as well as upcoming product improvements.

Suntoy thanks all participants for sharing this time with us!

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I can shine as you dine, on a romantic mid-night snack.

I give you light at the dead of night, with no need for even a power pack.

I try to please and you’ll see I collect sun during the day like a busy bee. I’m made for you, me and everyone.

So c’mon, just flip my switch and turn me on!

I’ll brighten your night and brighten your day and whenever you need me I’ll chase the darkness away. 


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Sin Sung Kim has introduced the Consol Solar Jar™ into the South Korean market in late 2015. Subsequently, demand has skyrocketed, the most popular consumer being the avid camper. Since outdoor camping trends have risen in South Korea, so has the interest in Solar Jars which seem to have found their way onto the “most wanted list” of necessities for tourists and locals alike to go camping with. So now, camping becomes more glamorous as we add lamps to the picture, turning the regular camping experience into a rather “glamping” one. The Consol Solar Jar™ was also recently featured in one of South Korea’s most infamous camping magazines “GO OUT”!


It seems as if the Consol Solar Jar™ is becoming a timeless classic for many consumers, fulfilling many different purposes from being utilised as décor, to becoming the main source of light when electricity sources are not so easy to come by.

Sin Sung Kim initially shipped 504 Consol Solar Jars from South Africa to South Korea to add to his Nowa Polished Pottery collection of eco-friendly products. Little did he know that within 2 weeks, the Jars would be distributed; leaving Sin Sung Kim having to hastily order a second batch - which he is now expecting arrival of in March this year.

Due to the Solar Jars popularity, Sin Sung Kim has decided to launch a special “Decorate Your Jar” competition for consumers, encouraging them to decorate the jars and post pictures of their master pieces on their respective blog sites to win various to prizes.


It is anticipated that before 2016 is out, a minimum of 10000 Solar Jars will have made their way into the very lucky hands of consumers in the South Korean retail market place.

Nowa Polished Pottery is aiming at becoming the South Korean distributor of choice for eco-friendly products.  Adding the Consol Solar Jar™ to its already established collection of environmentally friendly products has certainly given this goal a sizable boost and will continue to do so as the Consol Solar Jar™ shines its light into all corners of the globe.

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The Consol Solar Jar™ has made its way to the Capital of Senegal where Soraya Baalbaki – an inspired individual who decided to introduce and distribute Proudly South African products in West Africa, has been introducing this fresh lighting concept that she says “is a guaranteed success in West Africa as not only does it provide safe and environmentally friendly light but is also widely used as a decorative feature for many different events”.


Senegal is a country on Africa’s West Coast known for its French colonial heritage and natural attractions. Dakar, the capital, features the ancient Médina district and esteemed Musée Théodore Monod, displaying African art. Dakar is also known for its nightlife and native Mbalax music, where one can expect to find the inevitable presence of the infamous Consol Solar Jar™ lighting up the night skies and setting the stage for fun and entertainment by a different kind of light!


The Consol Solar Jar™ is certainly doing its rounds on our globe and creating quite a buzz in its midst.  As soon as we know more about how the Solar Jar found its way to Senegal and what else it has been up to, we will be sure to let our readers in on all the exciting details.

The Senegal Distribution Team

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Back in 2011 nobody envisaged that the product which we designed for Consol Glass would gain popularity to the extent that it has and that production would reach this point so fast.

Starting off in a garage in Glenhove, with four staff making the initial 400 units, (which took us the best part of a month), then moving to a 500m2 property in Selby where we produced the first 200k, production has now increased by an additional 60k per month, with capacity to reach 80k:

• September 2011 – first units produced
• May 2013 – 200k produced
• April 2014 – 500k
• September 2015 – 1million

Arriving at this point involved hiring and training a staff compliment of 62 strong, together with the logistics of introducing high-tech machinery to stream line production.

Today our factory is located in Village Deep on a 1500m2 roofed property in one of the first mining areas established in Johannesburg.  This location has proved beneficial due to ease of traffic access for staff traveling from Soweto and Alexandra. Being in the heart of JHB Central also embraces our “Made with Love in South Africa” motto.

(Our very first model)

In earlier years, distribution of our Consol Solar Jars through our partner Consol Glass was a local-only initiative.  Since the first export in April 2013 international demand has surpassed local demand, and our focus has therefore shifted to export initiatives, assisted by our many overseas distributors.

Together we are assuring growth and sustainability moving forward.

We thank Consol Glass and our overseas distributors; especially Sonnenglas and everybody who has assisted us by purchasing a Consol Solar Jar.

As Abel Masakale of Consol Glass said during a 2012 interview: “It is such a lovely item; every South African should own at least two”.


We have a long and exiting road ahead!

The Suntoy Team.

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Team Suntoy is proud to introduce the improved Consol Solar Jar. The Consol Solar Jar has been admired  for the last three years. Now, this solar powered light is significantly enlightened, making for an improved offering.
Familiar features we've loved are still present - the classic Consol preserve jar, unique flip switch and wire carry handle. Innovative enhancements stem from the electronics redesign. Here are additional features making the Consol Solar Jar your most valued solar powered light:
LiFE Battery
A long lasting LiFe (Lithium Iron) Battery, similar to those used in cellphones, replaces the original solar batteries. If fully charged, it endures for up to 12 hours. 
Load-Shedding Find Me
The load-shedding attribute is a plus for our South African environs. During a sudden power outage, the Consol Solar Jar automatically lights up for a few seconds so it can be located easily. Our team calls it the Find Me feature. 
Day/Night Energy Saver
An energy saving day/night feature prevents the Consol Solar Jar from turning on automatically during daylight. When darkness falls, it automatically turns on to light the night. 
Stainless Steel Ring
The ring enclosing the solar panel is now stainless steel - watertight and rust free. 
Battery Indicator
A state-of-battery-charge indicator flashes when the light is turned on or off. Five flashes indicate full, one flash indicates empty, letting you know when it is time to recharge.
Recharge Flash
When the battery is empty, the white indicator pulses every two seconds to show it needs to be recharged.
Micro USB Charger
A micro USB charge plug has been designed for our European consumer base where sunlight is scarce. Connecting a micro USB cellphone charger results in the charge indicator flashing. 
Brighter Light
The brightness has been improved, while retaining a good runtime, with LED’s specifically designed for the Consol Solar Jar by Plessey in the UK. 
The new and improved Consol Solar Jar is currently available in retail locally across South Africa and abroad in Europe.
“We had fun redesigning the Consol Solar Jar and trust you will have fun using it.”
- Harald Schulz, Suntoy Technical and Managing Director


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