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Consol Solar Jar™


How to make me SHINE!

I can shine as you dine, on a romantic mid-night snack.

I give you light at the dead of night, with no need for even a power pack.

I try to please and you’ll see I collect sun during the day like a busy bee. I’m made for you, me and everyone.

So c’mon, just flip my switch and turn me on!

I’ll brighten your night and brighten your day and whenever you need me I’ll chase the darkness away. 

Living Off The Grid

Leshiba Wilderness is an eco game and nature reserve in the Soutpansberg Mountains. This is where Kathryn Straughan and her family live off-the-grid. It’s an eco-friendly and sustainable way of life without any connection to an electrical transmission grid. Nature plays an important part of their everyday lives and the sun is their primary power source. Leshiba is a perfect location for our solar jars to light up starry nights and morph into lanterns on walking trails, just enough so that wildlife aren’t disturbed.

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Feathers in our cap!

We're on a winning streak this month! Our Solar Jar is making the hard working Suntoy team feel worthy of being in the spotlight. First, we were chosen as a finalist for the Gauteng region of the Eskom Energy Efficiency Lighting Design Competition! There were cheers in the factory and very big smiles.

Second, we've been chosen as winner of the best South African household product by the Fair Lady magazine! We're plain and simply very happy!

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Florence Lightingale!

Florence Lightingale aka Audrey at Perfect Gifts in Cape Town, supplied a Samsung delegation with corporate gifts - our Consol Solar Jars. He emailed us:

"It has been quite a day – getting 130 Solar Jars wrapped, bowed and labeled and to the delegate venue before 15h00 and the jars (luckily) arrived at 10h30 this morning! We ran around like headless chickens, but it was all worth it! Thanks so much to all of you who made it possible to get the jars to me on time here in Cape Town.

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