The Buffalo – Olga

“Can I go with you?” a bumblebee asks the buffalo, who is on his way to the waterhole. He does not hear the bumblebee and does not feel it as it sits on his horn. Arriving at the water, the bumblebee thanks the buffalo for the ride opportunity. “What are you saying?” snorts the buffalo. “That I will always be grateful to you,” says the bumblebee. “Hmm, what does that mean?” asks the buffalo. “You’ll see that in a moment,” smiles the bumblebee and quickly sits down on the nose of the buffalo next to him, who is contesting for space at the waterhole, and the bumblebee stings him on the nose sending him running away in pain. “Oh, I see,” he roars with laughter and “thank you” as he is now comfortably feasting his way out of his own waterhole.

Great deeds are not always committed by great beings.

(The Buffalo story contributed by Margit Niedermaier)