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Earth Hour ‘To Do’ List

Earth Hour reminds us to consciously honour our world. There are so many eco-friendly things to do in the dark. Stock up on Consol Solar Jars and give our planet a brighter future by making every hour, Earth Hour.

1. Gather friends and family for a solar-lit dinner at home.
2. Go star-gazing with a lantern in-hand on a path lit by solar light.
3. If you’re a city dweller, from a building with a view, check out what’s switched off and what’s left on.
4. Create fun shadow art illusions on walls in the glow of solar light.
5. Get musical with an unplugged jam session or a djembe circle.
6. For a quieter eve, be mindful with a solar-lit meditation of gratitude to our planet for the life it offers us.
7. Sit on a bench and simply appreciate the sounds of nightlife from near and afar.
8. Read a favorite bedtime story in the coziness of solar light.
9. Inspire discussion on using alternative energies to lessen the possibility of power cuts and rolling blackouts.
10. Snap flash-free photographs by solar light and post them to social media using #earthhour.

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