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Glass Artistry

Mixology is trending! Not exactly the cocktail variety. The mixologist we’re referring to requires a different set of mixing skills: the fine art of blending colours on glass. Palette possibilities are endless and combinations boundless when transforming clear glass into a hand-blended collage with paper and resin.

Joyce, a decorative glass artist from Pretoria, added solar light to her mixology recipe when she discovered the Consol Solar Jar. Transparency with opacity. Concealing and revealing. Each blend is a unique mix. Joyce’s artistry transports the Consol Solar Jar to a new decor dimension. They are a must for colour themed events and table decor. Choice gifts for the upcoming festive season too. View Joyce’s solar glass art website.

Suntoy is offering a Colour Range of 10 Mixes to launch Art Glass by Joyce. Additional special colour combos are available upon request.

Colour Mixes:

1. Apricot Orange 2. Grass Green 3. Sunshine Yellow

4. Red Velvet 5. Red Lilac 6. Red Lava

7. Rainbow Mix 8. Pink Rose 9. Golden Glow

7. Rainbow Mix 10. Starry Night 7. Rainbow Mix

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