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Solar Jars and Schoolbags

Partner Products can bring innovative products to market effectively. The Solar Jar ™ is solidly established in consumers’ eyes and is well-positioned to assist in bringing a newer, less known partner product to market.

The Solar Jar ™ is now offered bundled with a partner product, the Repurpose Schoolbag. It’s a symbiotic relationship of mutual benefit. Made from upcycled plastic shopping bags, the Repurpose Schoolbag has a pocket that integrates the lid of the Solar Jar ™.

During the day, while scholars walk to school with the schoolbag strapped to their backs, the solar panel charges in the sun. At night, the lid is screwed onto the Consol glass jar and transforms into a solar-powered reading light to study by. The schoolbag gives the solar panel an alternative mode of charging instead of remaining on a window cill by day.

Suntoys priority is to supply solar lights to children living off-grid in informal settlements. Our team now has an additional outlet with Repurpose Schoolbags to increase our reach. It’s a collaboration to achieve shared goals.

Rethaka, the company that produces the schoolbags, connects with Giving Partners, such as Consol, to fund the making, distribution and coupling with Solar Jar ™.  “Reimagining how solar energy can become easily accessible to those who need it the most, is what was at the heart of the integration of the solar light with our school bags,” said Thato Kgatlhanya of Rethaka.

As partners, we were all excited when Bill Gates mentioned the solar pocketed schoolbags on Twitter.

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