Improved Consol Solar Jar Launched

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Team Suntoy is proud to introduce the improved Consol Solar Jar. The Consol Solar Jar has been admired for the last three years. Now, this solar-powered light is significantly enlightened, making for an improved offering.

Familiar features we’ve loved are still present – the classic Consol preserve jar, unique flip switch and wire carry handle. Innovative enhancements stem from the electronics redesign. Here are additional features making the Consol Solar Jar your most valued solar powered light:

LiFE Battery

A long-lasting LiFe (Lithium Iron) Battery, similar to those used in cellphones, replaces the original solar batteries. If fully charged, it endures for up to 12 hours.

Load-Shedding Find Me

The load-shedding attribute is a plus for our South African environs. During a sudden power outage, the Consol Solar Jar automatically lights up for a few seconds so it can be located easily. Our team calls it the Find Me feature.

Day/Night Energy Saver

An energy-saving day/night feature prevents the Consol Solar Jar from turning on automatically during daylight. When darkness falls, it automatically turns on to light the night.

Stainless Steel Ring

The ring enclosing the solar panel is now stainless steel – watertight and rust-free.

Battery Indicator

A state-of-battery-charge indicator flashes when the light is turned on or off. Five flashes indicate full, one flash indicates empty, letting you know when it is time to recharge.

Recharge Flash

When the battery is empty, the white indicator pulses every two seconds to show it needs to be recharged.

Micro USB Charger

A micro USB charge plug has been designed for our European consumer base where sunlight is scarce. Connecting a micro USB cellphone charger results in the charge indicator flashing.

Brighter Light

The brightness has been improved, while retaining a good runtime, with LED’s specifically designed for the Consol Solar Jar by Plessey in the UK.

The new and improved Consol Solar Jar is currently available in retail locally across South Africa and abroad in Europe.

“We had fun redesigning the Consol Solar Jar and trust you will have fun using it.”

– Harald Schulz, Suntoy Technical and Managing Director