Freight Container Europe Bound

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Intent on crossing land and sea, our first freight container – packed with 5 940 Consol Solar Jars – has commenced its long-distance journey. Sonnenglas and European resellers in Germany, Spain and France await. Our solar lights have also reached Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Our team has spent the last year ensuring all factors pertaining to international trade and worldwide distribution are in place. Export packaging was tested; labelling, documentation and insurance finalised; an international freight forwarder was appointed and a network of global resellers established. Additional factory staff were hired and trained to meet the upscaling need.

As the exporter, Suntoy is excitedly tracking this shipment. We’re proud to design and manufacture a South African solar product that’s lighting up the world. A significant milestone for our team and worthy cause for celebration.

Shining on Amazon in Europe

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The Consol Solar Jar is now offered for purchase on amazon in Germany, United Kingdom and France Harald Schulz evaluates its impact:

The Consol Solar Jar is known as the Sonnenglas in Germany and is shining on European markets. The important thing to note on the page is the customer reviews. It has the most customer reviews – or should we say customer applause – than any competitor product. Currently, out of 74 reviews, 72 give it five stars.

The recurring themes in the customer reviews are (translated from German):

Easy to use/operate
Light not too bright, not too dim, romantic/beautiful
Practical, versatile, good runtime, good quality, waterproof
Easy to decorate (seasons, weddings, birthdays etc), decorative object
Great gift
Never fails to delight, best idea in a long time
Used indoors/outdoors
More expensive than others though money well spent
“Made in South Africa!”
The only two non-five star reviews were:

A German tourist who experienced the jar in Namibia (at Namib Desert Lodge) but battled to find it in Germany and eventually bought one on amazon via Sonnenglas. He gave it four stars and was awaiting delivery.

One consumer complained that no automatic on/off or day/night switch was integrated.

“We could not wish for better! On behalf of the Suntoy team, thanks to all involved. You make us proud!” – Harald Schulz, Suntoy Technical and Managing Director, Johannesburg.

Export Packaging

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Export packaging for the Consol Solar Jar is revealed. Now, our jars can travel long distance in non-breakable comfort. Mr Sunshine conceived the perfect scenario to conduct a ‘scientific’ drop test. Principles in his methodology included his extra tall height coupled with the elevation of our staircase in the Suntoy factory.

Objective inquiry without bias was key. So, without further ado, here are our documented findings and resulting data:

An individual Consol Solar Jar box can drop from 1metre, four times, before the electronics come loose.

Mr Sunshine repeated the drop test to guard against any experimental error from 3m, 5m and 7m.

The jar only broke on the 7m drop.

There’s nothing like empirical and measurable proof! Science rocks!


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