The Botswana Way

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Khutse Game Reserve adjoins the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in the north of Botswana. With rolling grasslands, riverbeds, dunes and pans where wildlife congregate in abundant sunshine, it is the ideal spot for a solar powered holiday.

David Way visited Khutse accompanied by three Consol Solar Jars. By night, the only light sources were from the solar lights, the campfire and stars. An 85W solar panel kept the portable fridge running, the beer ice cold and the meat frozen. It was an ideal African safari.

“We charged the Consol Solar Jars by day and used them to light the campsite by night. During game drives, we unscrewed the lids and left them on the car dashboard to charge as we drove. The Consol Solar Jars added to the ambience with subtle yet effective lighting making a wonderful experience even more enjoyable.” – David Way