Fun in the Sun at School

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Steering our planet towards a greener sustainable future lies in the hands of our youth.

Mr Sunshine, also known as Harald Schulz, has created SunFan and SunCar assembly kits as practical learning resources for teaching the concept of renewable energy. In the classroom, these solar powered toys bring to life alternative concepts for electricity.

Parktown Senior School in Johannesburg invited Mr Sunshine to facilitate a workshop. Students in Grade 5 learnt to assemble their own hand-held SunFans. As the plastic blades spun in the sun, they excitedly cooled themselves. That’s a fun science lesson!

Each SunFan is made with a recycled tin – the type found in a supermarket. So, in addition to solar power, students learn about recycling too.

Mr Sunshine has visited approximately 16 schools and enjoys encouraging potential solar enthusiasts. Fun in the sun is what education should be!

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