Proudly South African

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Melkterts, koeksisters and Consol Solar Jars were the highlights of a get-together in Jozi recently. A group of friends gathered for an authentically South African eve of culinary delights. With a power outage that left their home in darkness, the hosts were rescued by a dozen Consol Solar Jars scattered amongst the yummy eats.

All the guests raved about the solar light source along with the warm atmosphere it created – despite having no electricity. Everyone wanted a Consol Solar Jar of their own!

Whether your preference is a braai of steak and pap or a dish of mogodu, with a little imagination any party planner can bring solar light to dinner. A versatile theatre in a jar is sure to inspire fresh ideas for table decor. The Consol Solar Jar is made in South Africa and we’re truely proud of that.