Consol Solar Jars take the South Korean market by storm

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Sin Sung Kim has introduced the Consol Solar Jar™ into the South Korean market in late 2015. Subsequently, demand has skyrocketed, the most popular consumer being the avid camper. Since outdoor camping trends have risen in South Korea, so has the interest in Solar Jars which seem to have found their way onto the “most wanted list” of necessities for tourists and locals alike to go camping with. So now, camping becomes more glamorous as we add lamps to the picture, turning the regular camping experience into a rather “glamping” one. The Consol Solar Jar™ was also recently featured in one of South Korea’s most infamous camping magazines “GO OUT”!

It seems as if the Consol Solar Jar™ is becoming a timeless classic for many consumers, fulfilling many different purposes from being utilised as décor, to becoming the main source of light when electricity sources are not so easy to come by.

Sin Sung Kim initially shipped 504 Consol Solar Jars from South Africa to South Korea to add to his Nowa Polished Pottery collection of eco-friendly products. Little did he know that within 2 weeks, the Jars would be distributed; leaving Sin Sung Kim having to hastily order a second batch – which he is now expecting arrival of in March this year.

Due to the Solar Jars popularity, Sin Sung Kim has decided to launch a special “Decorate Your Jar” competition for consumers, encouraging them to decorate the jars and post pictures of their master pieces on their respective blog sites to win various to prizes.

It is anticipated that before 2016 is out, a minimum of 10000 Solar Jars will have made their way into the very lucky hands of consumers in the South Korean retail market place.

Nowa Polished Pottery is aiming at becoming the South Korean distributor of choice for eco-friendly products.  Adding the Consol Solar Jar™ to its already established collection of environmentally friendly products has certainly given this goal a sizable boost and will continue to do so as the Consol Solar Jar™ shines its light into all corners of the globe.