Theatre in a Jar

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Consol Solar Jars set the stage for creativity. It’s a theatre in a jar with 360 degree views and unique stage lighting. Grab your favorite miniature object, colourful feathers, shiny gem stones, shells or flowers and place them in the glass preserve jar. Turn on your solar light in the lid and your creation is the focal point. The portability of our solar jars allows you to scout for interesting localities – mood makers as table décor at dinner; lanterns for moonlit romantic walks; light beams on a braai. So, let your Consol Solar Jar take centre stage. With our bottled sunshine you truly can have fun in the African sun!

For more creative ideas, check out our Gallery or make it a personal note.

Message in a Bottle

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In this age of quick texts and impersonal emails, make your 140 characters a handwritten note on recycled paper. A personal message makes for a cherished gift. Discovering a message in a glass bottle has been around for centuries and can be even more exciting if it’s a glass preserve jar with a solar light in the lid. There is no need to send the Consol Solar Jar floating across the ocean to bring delight to the receiver. Gifting ‘green’ results in a lower environmental impact and the Consol Solar Jar is an eco-friendly gift suitable for any celebration. Don’t let affection go unspoken… put a message in a bottle. It’s a Theatre in a Jar.

Art Exhibition

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We were excited to discover that our Consol Solar Jars were featured in an art exhibition called The Other World at InToto Gallery. Including functional everyday objects in contemporary art exhibitions harnesses creative thought especially when addressing environmental issues such as solar energy.

The exhibition was curated around the idea that art can transport you to another realm. It was filled with sensory experiences into other times, spaces and spheres. Dry autumn leaves covered the gallery floor crunching as visitors explored. There was a visual feast of fine artworks displayed. Unusual objects were placed inside Consol Solar Jars that hung from the ceiling rafters and elicited wonderment. There was a sense of being in otherworldly places – some horrific, some euphoric – most not known to us.

“If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.” ~ C.S. Lewis

Curator: Megan Kidd
Creative: Otto de Jager

Green Belts and Pylon Parks

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Green belt promenades bordered with trees and bathed in sunlight are more appealing than any pylon park with steel lattice towers and power lines.

South Africa anticipates an energy crisis as Eskom confirms that the national grid faces strain. Dwindling abilities to cope with electricity demands, coupled with obstacles in the construction of the new Medupi Power Station, threaten load shedding and rolling blackouts.

The publication of the Electricity Governance Initiative – Smart Electricity Planning speaks of the vital need for adopting alternative energy resources, such as solar, if our country is to be resilient in the face of energy depletion. South Africans must collectively commit to harness efficient energy consumption.

Africa is inundated with a radiant, natural and free power resource – sunshine. With clean solar energy, there’s the option of living off the grid. By embracing solar technology, rural communities needn’t live without electricity. City dwellers will reduce their household energy consumption and electricity bills may not soar as high as forecasters predict.

Solar energy inspires innovation, is inexhaustible and achievable. With increased demands for solar products, such as our Consol Solar Jar, costs will lower resulting in an even more affordable retail price. Suntoy reaffirms our commitment to actively participating in the realisation of a ‘smart’ future. We all benefit from a greener grid. Go solar.

Magical Theatre

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Our Theatre-in-a-Jar excels at scouting for interesting places to illuminate with solar light. Dressed with multicoloured feathers, Consol Solar Jars took centre stage in the Intimate Theatre at the SA State Theatre in Pretoria.

Suntoy was proud to collaborate with Moments Entertainment in celebrating twenty years of brave, courageous and valiant South African women in our young democracy. Inspired by the novel, SoPhia, written by Shafinaaz Hassim, the play, entitled SoPhiaTwenty20, was adapted for stage by an all-female cast directed by Firdoze Bulbulia. Setting the scene with a warm solar glow enhanced the atmosphere of the overall production.

Consol Solar Jar lids, housing the LEDs and solar panels, are handmade and assembled by women. Previously unemployed and unskilled, this team of nimble artisans hails from Alexandria Township. The women learn all there is to know about solar photovoltaic power generation and use soldering irons like pros! The Chief Factory Supervisor rose to the position from the ground up. Cheers to celebrating South African women – those on the theatrical stage and those in the factory that produces the theatre-in-a-jar.

“SohiaTwenty20 was performed to a packed theatre, teeming with great music, powerful narrative and bread to share. I am grateful to the cluster of creative genius and beauty that I have seen, to the audiences who are so enthusiastically supporting this heartswell endeavor and to good energies that persist. Thank you, team Suntoy for the generous loan of the Consol Solar Jars. People were wowed. They kept asking why we weren’t selling them!” – Shafinaaz Hassim


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