Suntoy promises to give our planet a brighter future
by making every hour a solar-power-hour.

Theatre in a Jar

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Consol Solar Jars set the stage for creativity. It’s a theatre in a jar with 360 degree views and unique stage lighting. Grab your favorite miniature object, colourful feathers, shiny gem stones, shells or flowers and place them in the glass preserve jar. Turn on your solar light in the lid and your creation is the focal point. The portability of our solar jars allows you to scout for interesting localities – mood makers as table décor at dinner; lanterns for moonlit romantic walks; light beams on a braai. So, let your Consol Solar Jar take centre stage. With our bottled sunshine you truly can have fun in the African sun!

For more creative ideas, check out our Gallery or make it a personal note.

Message in a Bottle

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In this age of quick texts and impersonal emails, make your 140 characters a handwritten note on recycled paper. A personal message makes for a cherished gift. Discovering a message in a glass bottle has been around for centuries and can be even more exciting if it’s a glass preserve jar with a solar light in the lid. There is no need to send the Consol Solar Jar floating across the ocean to bring delight to the receiver. Gifting ‘green’ results in a lower environmental impact and the Consol Solar Jar is an eco-friendly gift suitable for any celebration. Don’t let affection go unspoken… put a message in a bottle. It’s a Theatre in a Jar.

Happy Holidays!

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Summer holidays have arrived in the Southern Hemisphere. There’s plenty of warm rays and golden beams of sunshine to bottle in a Consol Solar Jar. It’s time to hang out with family and friends in the midst of laughter and relaxation.

Suntoy wishes you a sunny festive season and a prosperous new year. Let there be light! Happy holidays!

Please note: Suntoy is closed from 13 December 2013 until 13 January 2014 for our annual summer vacation.


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Pretty cool! A big fan of radio 947, Camilla encouraged her hubby, Harald, to spend an eve running around their home collecting Consol Solar Jars scattered in their garden. Intent on showing her love for the new 947 logo, she directed Mr Sunshine to create 947 out of solar lights… and voila! It’s amazing what one can do with a little imagination.

We entered the pic in the #ShowUsYour947 competition. Hold thumbs!

Glass Artistry

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Mixology is trending! Not exactly the cocktail variety. The mixologist we’re referring to requires a different set of mixing skills: the fine art of blending colours on glass. Palette possibilities are endless and combinations boundless when transforming clear glass into a hand-blended collage with paper and resin.

Joyce, a decorative glass artist from Pretoria, added solar light to her mixology recipe when she discovered the Consol Solar Jar. Transparency with opacity. Concealing and revealing. Each blend is a unique mix. Joyce’s artistry transports the Consol Solar Jar to a new decor dimension. They are a must for colour themed events and table decor. Choice gifts for the upcoming festive season too. View Joyce’s solar glass art website.

Suntoy is offering a Colour Range of 10 Mixes to launch Art Glass by Joyce. Additional special colour combos are available upon request.

Colour Mixes:

1. Apricot Orange 2. Grass Green 3. Sunshine Yellow

4. Red Velvet 5. Red Lilac 6. Red Lava

7. Rainbow Mix 8. Pink Rose 9. Golden Glow

7. Rainbow Mix 10. Starry Night 7. Rainbow Mix

Spooky Solar Scenes

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Creepiness prevailed while creating spooky scenes inside Consol Solar Jars for Halloween. Skeletal bones, wicked witches with broomsticks, spider webs and rats nibbling on pumpkins equaled quirky plus SCARY in capital letters!

As darkness fell, the LEDs lit the miniature scenes transforming a solar light into a theatre-in-a-jar. Everyone at the Parkview Residents Association was wowed by these visual treats in the midst of their party at George Hay Park. Our AstroWheel successfully morphed into a WitchesWheel. Tim Burton would’ve been proud of this trick-or-treat!

Suntoy sponsored prizes for the best costumes. Consol Solar Jars were gifted to the goriest face, the wickedest witch, Edward Scissorhands, the scariest-hairy-chest-ever-encountered-in-a-sequened-shirt and a less gruesome, yet very clever, house from the movie Up.

What theme will our solar wheel take on next? Keep your eyes peeled…

Trick or Treat

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With a dollop of scintillating spookiness and a dash of scary horror, our theatre-in-a-jar has got a tad gory. A haunted fantastical creature of Hallows’ Eve is centre stage squirming in the solar spotlight – intent on deflecting any ray of golden sunshine. A wonderfully warped and deviant character, he resembles a Tim Burton creation. Macabre mixed with a pinch of quirkiness.

We, the lighthearted Suntoy team, tend not to even flinch at mischievous tricks by eerie beings. Not in this tribe of Mr Burton fans. Daring us to share our stash of yummy candy treats ain’t a problem – we’re sweet enough… said with a deliciously snide chuckle!

Carving pumpkins into lanterns with flickering candle lights doesn’t measure up to the ghoulish fun our Consol Solar Jars offer!

This is the first Halloween celebration for our Consol Solar Jar. At Suntoy, any reason to coax a humorous tongue-in-cheek smile is reason enough for us to get creative. So, trick or treat anyone?

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