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Let there be More Light!

Consol Solar Jar light is now double as bright in a new glow called Glass White. It delights even more! Mr Sunshine, aka Harald Schulz, sheds some light on the difference between our old and new LEDs. The photos show the new diffused light and the old spot light.

New LEDs used after January 2013 are Surface Mounted Devices (SMDs) offering:

  • Diffused light: beam angle 105 degrees
  • Far better light spread, the light appears to be double as bright
  • Light colour: Glass White
  • Warmer light, brings out colour and makes glass glow
  • Machine assembled
  • Efficiency of assembly improved
  • Does not require skilled operators

LEDs used till December 2012 were 5mm Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) offering:

  • Spot light: beam angle 15 degrees
  • Most light shines on the bottom of the jar
  • Light colour: Warm White
  • Hand assembled
  • Requires skilled operators

Photos show the new diffused light and the old spot light in frosted glass.

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