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Metrogaine Orienteering

Jozi’s streets became the playground for an eve of orienteering with Metrogaine, a fun adventure race incorporating exercise, socialising and outdoor exploration.

Participants raced against the clock using a topographical map to navigate between control points while walking or jogging speedily, checking clue sheets, identifying checkpoints, recording proof of discovery, dodging cars and staying warm on a chilly eve. Major multi-tasking was required which elicited loads of laughter!

Winners successfully completed the orienteering course in the shortest time. Alex and Alex (twins by name but not by birth) won for completing the 90-minute course with 1020 points, covering 20km. They were each gifted a Consol Solar Jar, donated by Suntoy, and anointed kings of the eve. Congratulations guys and also to Lisa for organising the event.

We’re planning an orienteering eve by solar light soon, so keep your eyes peeled for further info.

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