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1 Million Consol Solar Jars and Counting!

Back in 2011 nobody envisaged that the product which we designed for Consol Glass would gain popularity to the extent that it has and that production would reach this point so fast.

Starting off in a garage in Glenhove, with four staff making the initial 400 units, (which took us the best part of a month), then moving to a 500m2 property in Selby where we produced the first 200k, production has now increased by an additional 60k per month, with capacity to reach 80k:

  • September 2011 – first units produced
  • May 2013 – 200k produced
  • April 2014 – 500k
  • September 2015 – 1million

Arriving at this point involved hiring and training a staff compliment of 62 strong, together with the logistics of introducing high-tech machinery to stream line production.

Today our factory is located in Village Deep on a 1500m2 roofed property in one of the first mining areas established in Johannesburg.  This location has proved beneficial due to ease of traffic access for staff traveling from Soweto and Alexandra. Being in the heart of JHB Central also embraces our “Made with Love in South Africa” motto.

In earlier years, distribution of our Consol Solar Jars through our partner Consol Glass was a local-only initiative.  Since the first export in April 2013 international demand has surpassed local demand, and our focus has therefore shifted to export initiatives, assisted by our many overseas distributors.

Together we are assuring growth and sustainability moving forward.

We thank Consol Glass and our overseas distributors; especially Sonnenglas and everybody who has assisted us by purchasing a Consol Solar Jar.

As Abel Masakale of Consol Glass said during a 2012 interview: “It is such a lovely item; every South African should own at least two”.

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