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A shop called ‘Bottled Sunshine’

So popular has Suntoy’s little jar of sunshine, the Consol Solar Jar™ become, that a pop up shop in Johannesburg’s trendy Melville area has been opened just to showcase and sell these incredibly versatile products. The shop called “Bottled Sunshine” is at the well known ’27 Boxes’ centre and is testament to the growing interest and enjoyment of these brilliant little jars that harness the sun’s rays to create a useful and attractive night light.

When one visits the shop, one can see how amazing the jars can be made to look. It’s fun to personalise your own jar with whatever you choose, but here there are ideas of how to decorate your jar and some real ‘works of art’ to buy as they are. The shop also highlights jar accessories that work with the jar, like for example the practical hook stand to hang the jar for camping, braais and beach parties etc.

Take a turn there if you’re in the area and see why this famous ‘jar of bottle sunshine’ is growing in stature every day!

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