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Advocating for ‘Green’ Recycled Wire

The wire used in the assemblage of the Solar Jar ™ is 90% recycled. Suntoy procures it from Cape Gate where post consumer scrap metal is collected, sorted and refined. All raw materials are of South African origin and the smelting, rolling and wire manufacturing process is done locally.

By recycling wire, a lesser quantity of new material is required during the wire-making process and the amount of discarded metal dumped into landfills is reduced. By consciously choosing ‘green wire’ and upcycling it into the bracing and handle of the Solar Jar ™, our product is made that much more environmentally friendly.

Read about our team of Suntoy wire artisans here.

“Thanks for the interesting tour of your operation. It is good to see where our wire products are used and the end product.” – Derek Erxleben, Head Metallurgy, Cape Gate


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