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Consol Solar Jar™ Steals The Show!

The Consol Solar Jar™ showcased its international appeal when it took part in the event commemorating the 300th anniversary of renowned British Landscape Architect; Lancelot “Capability” Brown at the Compton Verney Art Gallery in the UK recently. 1000 Consol Solar Jars™ were used as one of the set pieces to showcase the process of photosynthesis using light.

Visual artist Laurent from Creatmosphere, was commissioned to create the instillation using our Consol Solar Jars™ as he was looking for a product that would be environmentally friendly as well as appeal to the aesthetic of life as light.

The “Dress Rehearsal” was held at the University of Johannesburg with close family and friends attending the show. The team from Resolution Circle were great, the Microchip wireless MiWi technology behaved as it should and the Splitbeam DMX crew had patience beyond the call of duty. Without a doubt though the stars of the show, the wireless MiWi/DMX Jars, highlighted what can be done with a humble Consol Solar Jar™. MiWi™ is a registered trade mark of Microchip Technology Incorporated.

Harald Schulz; Managing Director at Suntoy, commented on the ingenuity and skill of our local engineers by saying; “I believe strongly that we need to give them the ability to do a project of this sort and I think that they just about proved that it can be done locally and it doesn’t have to go overseas to be designed elsewhere.”

The event itself titled; IN-LIGHT: Illuminating Compton Verney, was well received and the Consol Solar Jar™ enchanted visitors especially the interactive element that gave them the opportunity to take over the light controls and light up various parts of the house and trees. Julie Carpenter certainly enjoyed herself and commented via the Compton Verney Facebook page; “Loved it – a photographers dream!”

This fantastic experience has been invaluable with Suntoy and the Consol Solar Jar™ receiving coverage in our local press namely Simply Green, City News, SA The Good News and internationally with the UK publication ISI Online and various others. With the technology learnt from the project, university boffins are working on other professional applications and here at Suntoy we are so proud of our Consol Solar Jar™ having showcased its quality and its proudly South African heritage on an international stage at in Warwickshire, UK.

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