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Earth Hour Lights On!

Two lights-OFF events are presently on our calendars. The first, load shedding, has everyone complaining, “Ah no, not again.” The second, Earth Hour, has everyone agreeing, “Yes, let’s!” If every load shedding hour included the positivity of an Earth Hour, there’d be a happy public relations feat instead of a collective grumpy sigh.

Earth Hour 2015 occurs in the midst of the urgent need to find solutions to our current energy crisis in South Africa. Every South African is attuned to the critical state of our national power grid. Sunshine is abundantly available and renewable solar energy lightens our national power supplier’s load.

Suntoy invites you all to create your own solar-lit celebration with the Consol Solar Jar, harmoniously off-grid and lights-ON (even while the world’s lights are off!). Join us in adding to the solar-generated brightness of eve at home, in your garden or with friends at a party this Saturday, 28 March, during Earth Hour from 20:30 to 21:30.

Suntoy promises to give our planet a brighter future by making every hour a solar-power-hour.

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