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Hotel Verde Solar Eve

Hoteliers are adopting green building measures to accommodate tourists wanting to lessen their environmental impact while globetrotting. Hotel Verde in Cape Town offers a carbon-neutral stay. It doesn’t just observe one earth friendly hour a year but celebrates its greenness 365 days per annum.

The staff is enthusiastic about sustainability, trained in energy efficiency methods and passionate about the Solar Jar ™. Every Wednesday, they invite guests to join them for energy conservation awareness evenings. All unnecessary lights are switched off and solar lights are switched on. Diners enjoy live acoustic music and a specially prepared menu including pizza baked in a wood fired oven. Visitors are amazed when reminded that they’re at an airport hotel.

In March, Hotel Verde hosted Earth Hour. The event was wonderfully received with a prize of a Solar Jar ™.  Our partners, Sonnenglas, joined the eve of solar light and snapped these photos.

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