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Mad Hatter’s Party

Resolution Circle, UJ’s Business Incubator and Research and Development company held a Mad Hatter’s Party on Friday 13th  to kick of the year 2017 with a “hat”, who would have thought of that!

The various teams were encouraged to compete for the most original hat, which were all splendid I thought, but also compete for the best decorated Consol Solar Jar™ in a theme to represent their department.

During a heated judging session, I had the difficult task to find the best of the best. Almost impossible with so much creativity going around, from kitchen to catering, marketing to accounts and admin to engineering, they all put in a special effort with every jar being beautiful, unique and original!

At the end however there can only be one winner and out of 19 entries it was RC’s accounts department who took the price with their “Treachery Chest” Jar (decorated by Stephanie Joubert) for the originality and effort that went into the design. The jar almost made me want to climb inside and start digging.

A close second was the mechanical engineering department “Small Scale Manufacturing” Jar done by Johnny Pretorius and Bianca Boshoff.

The CEO Professor Willem Clarke with his daughter Tabitha had a beautiful quirky entry with their yellow Minion Jar, and the two of them even had matching hats to boot!

There is not enough space to mention all the participants individually but I take my “hat” of and salute you all!

What a rather marvelous event!

If your company wants to host a Consol Solar Jar™ teambuilding, contact us today for more detail.


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