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Making Magic at the Bridal Expo

The Consol Solar Jar™ was a highlight at the Oakfield farm Bridal Expo this past weekend. The classic yet vintage display stand earned Consol Solar Jar™ the 2018 Summer Show Stopper Stand Award.

The recreation of an enchanted forest themed wedding, with jars wrapped in French ribbons serving as chandeliers, created the illusion of a magical outdoor dining experience. Touches of ultraviolet colours from the protea flowers that were scattered about gave unique touches, which were accentuated by succulent flowers for a rustic green feel.

Vintage suitcases, pearls and greenery gave the décor an earthly feel, while a metallic mirror topped tray, graced with a glowing Consol Solar Jar™ recreated the feeling of warm sunshine rays, which gave the whole setup a classic, elegant look.

The alterability of the Consol Solar Jar™ is only limited by the human imagination. It stylishly allows the showcase of various ornaments, which are then enhanced by the solar light inside the classic glass jar.

The showstopper stand left people at the expo yearning for a classic vintage styled-wedding for themselves. It was evident that Consol Solar Jars are the ultimate favour for weddings.

Whether they are hung on trees, placed along the walkway or used as table décor, the jars are a beautiful addition to any wedding. Each jar is equipped with a holder for hanging and   accessories like shepherd spikes are available for creating the perfect display. The beauty of the Consol Solar Jar is that it is sun powered, does not have cords, and it is not limited to weddings only. Therefore, it can be placed or hung anywhere, from your home to picnic sites and even your office.

Start your little showstopper collection today by getting Consol Solar Jar™ online:

or email Brad at or visit one of your stores Bottled sunshine: shop 112, 27 boxes, 75 4th Avenue, Melville or at the Consol shop: Woodmead, Stellenbosch and Cornubia mall.

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