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Naturally Lighting Up Christmas

Clearwater Mall has gone green with this year’s Christmas décor. This comes after the mall’s recent installation of Africa’s largest, 1.5-Megawatt solar photovoltaic rooftop. The final system will generate, on average, 4 750 000kWh of electricity per annum. This equates to approximately 15% of the mall’s total consumption.

Thanks to Consol Solar Jar, the mall was able to go even greener. This was achieved by constructing a 4×8 meter Christmas tree that is made out of bottled sunshine. The tree is completely off grid because the jars are charged with direct sunlight and automatically turn on when the sun goes down. This eliminates the use of electricity as the jars use a natural resource. The tree will also last throughout the festive season as the jars are wind and weather proof, and the stainless steel itself is rustproof.

The Clearwater Consol Solar Jar tree is made up of over 400 jars that have little Christmas trinkets inside for decoration, and are programmed to shine for up to 5 hours, depending on the amount of sunshine they get. A very big thank you to Clearwater mall marketing manager, Cecile Braun for making this initiative possible by collaborating with Consol Solar Jar, and CPS Promotions for securing and decorating our jars and erecting the merry and bright tree.

What better way to celebrate a true South African Christmas than to be surrounded by sunshine? So, the next time you and your family go to Clearwater Mall, get festive, visit this sunny tree based at the mall’s main entrance, and bask in sunshine a little longer after sunset. You can also take a piece of this majestic tree home by getting your own bottled sunshine online at

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