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Porlwi by Nature

Porlwi by Nature: the festival unveils its program

Port Louis is metamorphosed. Artistic islets inspired by nature gradually arise at the heart of the city, enabling people of all generations to revel in all the festival has to offer. The annual festival of contemporary culture is back for a third edition with countless new creations. Porlwi by Nature, a part of the Celebrations of the 50 years of Independence, will be held from the 29th of November to the 3rd of December, across several emblematic and historical sites of our country.

The festival of contemporary culture differs from previous editions. “We wanted to invest in different locales this year, such as The Citadel, and challenge ourselves in new ways, namely by transforming Bourbon Street into a 100% pedestrian space, open 24 hours a day for five days, with activities scheduled during the day for people of all ages. The festival will occupy a smaller area, and be more organic and in phase with nature. It will be held over five days, from 7:00pm to midnight (on Thursday and Friday, the festival begins at 8:30pm.)

Solar Jar Project

Under the patronage of the Indian Ocean Commission, the European Union, Harel Mallac, PwC & ENL

In the darkness, hundreds of small suns appear to be flickering, casting a soft light against the old stone walls. Stepping closer, the viewer realizes the glimmer is contained in a small glass jar. The light emitted is sunlight captured. The five hundred lanterns–solar jars–were assembled by five hundred children from a variety of associations, who, in the creative process, assimilated the function of solar energy, a renewable energy of the future, of their future.

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