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Suntoy Earth Hour

True to our commitment to spread our footprint as a company with a social conscience and our genuine concern for the disastrous effects of climate change on the planet, Suntoy hosted a fun event to celebrate ‘Earth hour’ at our ‘bottled sunshine’ pop up shop, 27 Boxes, in Melville, Johannesburg.

This annual event is a World-wide initiative that seeks to unite all who have a deep concern for the future of the planet and we were happy to make our contribution using only candlelight and the captured sunshine in our now already famous Consul solar jars, which we believe to be symbols of inspiration and motivation to the millions who share our hopes and dreams of a better, ‘greener’ environment.

Gentle acoustic ambiance was created by guitarist Pierre Coetzee and the highlight (excuse the pun) of the night was the ‘Earth hour 2017’ logo beautifully illuminated by using only Consul solar jars, reminding us that without electricity we still have light and a brighter future!


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