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The Consol Solar Jar™ captures the hearts of Australians

Australia, a popular destination of South Africans, both just visiting and emigrating, due to its parallel attributes of sunshine and vast expansive outdoor living, has welcomed a popular South African product to its shores, the Consol Solar Jar™. Suntoy have set up operations in the land down under and has introduced its Consol Solar Jar™ for the first time as a lifestyle product due to the nature of the great outdoor lifestyle of Australians. Beach parties, surfing, camping, cycling, ‘barbies’, boating, fishing and long ‘walk-abouts’ are all pastimes of Aussie sun-lovers who will welcome the little jar that draws its energy in the day and will powerlessly light their way at night.

For our friends down under this is why the Consol Solar Jar™ is a winner:

The Consol Solar Jar™, a 100% recyclable preserve jar, is a multiple design award winning product originating from South Africa. It is handmade and therefore has created jobs for many local town ship dwellers.

It is a green product and with its uniquely designed lid it harnesses its energy entirely from the sun.

Due to its complete portability, it is multi functional and provides night light in the garden, at the table and at all the aforementioned outdoor activity areas for reading cooking and just creating a beautiful ambiance.

It is pretty and fun, as it can be filled with decor of your choice. Anything from sea shells, to fruit, plants or any kind of bric-a-brac. It becomes your own creation!

Our man in Australia

The Consol Solar Jar™ will for the first time be available direct to the public through select retailers and the online store at, but if you prefer the personal touch and great service, our man down under is Theo van Wyk who can be contacted on 0450 123 606 or at It’s time South Africans returned some of that great Aussie hospitality and there is no better way to do it than with our little jar of sunshine!

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