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The Consol Solar Jar™ Reaches Caribbean Shores

Born on the island of Mauritius, Corine Park Mazurier has lived half her life on the Greek islands and the other half in the Caribbean (on a yacht) and has now become the official distributor of the Consol Solar Jar™ in the Caribbean.

Corine came across the Consol Solar Jar™ on the tiny island of Rodrigues, at the Bakwa lodge where she sought to investigate and was amazed by what she was looking at.  “How simple – yet versatile, how functional – yet creative.  I was hooked. I purchased one from the lodge and my enthusiasm rubbed off on the other guests who also proceeded to purchase jars.”

Corine is sharing her enthusiasm for the Consol Solar Jar™ in the Caribbean as it completely fits her criteria for what she considers to be an inspiring product.  According to Corine, the Caribbean group of islands all have one thing in common – hurricanes, with most islands often experiencing electrical outages due to weather and this is where the Consol Solar Jar™ comes in very handy.

Corine feels it is important to understand and convey that the Consol Solar Jar™ is “proudly hand made in South Africa” and not “made in China”.

The Consol Solar Jar™ requires loving care and attention says Corine.  Not because it is delicate but because it is important to place it in the sunlight daily to recharge. The Jar needs to play a role in the space it’s in and hence be part of the design (interior or exterior).  “It also requires “props” or accessories which I believe need to be developed or suggested, to shoulder the jar and to make its utility more accessible.”

The Caribbean is one of the finest sailing grounds in the world, where the Consol Solar Jar™ is finding its bearings.  In this context its use is both decorative and functional.  There are an endless number of year round sailors in the Caribbean, from mega yachts (decorative) to small live aboard sailors (functional) who find use in both the utility and the beauty of the jar.

The tourism industry – from cruise ship passengers to yacht charters for day visitors, hotel and villa guests enjoy our personalised jar as it appeals to our clients as a souvenir with the dual purpose of being useful at home.

Welcome to the Suntoy Team Corine.

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